Effective May 1, 2015, San Francisco will join the city of Oakland in having
the highest minimum wage in the nation as it increases its minimum wage from
$11.05 to $12.25. Several cities in California have minimum wages above the
state’s current rate of $9.00/hour.Affecting more than 142,000 workers, the pay hike is the first in a set of increases that will see the minimum wage rise to $15 per hour by 2018. The increase comes after Oakland increased its minimum wage on March 2.For the convenience of our customers, All In One Posters has created 2
versions of San Francisco labor law posters. One includes other general city
posting requirements namely the Paid Sick Leave, Healthcare Security
Ordinance, Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance, and Fair Chance Ordinance.
The other version is designed for San Francisco City-contractors which
include additional notices required for those who hold contracts with the city.

SF Big 24x24.png
San Francisco Minimum Wage

SF Contractor.png
San Francisco City Contractor Poster

In addition to San Francisco, the cities of Oakland, Richmond, and San Jose have their own minimum wage rate that is higher than the state’s.

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