Provisions Regarding Employee Access to Personnel Records Also Amended

Under a new law in Oregon, effective January 1, 2017, an employer must provide an employee (on regular paydays, and at other times that payment of wages, salary, or commission is made) with an itemized statement that contains certain information.

Contents of Itemized Wage Statement
The statement required under the law must be a written statement, sufficiently itemized to show (among other things): the date of the payment; the dates of work covered by the payment; the name of the employee; the name and business registry number or business identification number; the address and telephone number of the employer; the rate or rates of pay; whether the employee is paid by the hour, shift, day or week or on a salary, piece or commission basis; gross wages; net wages; the amount and purpose of each deduction made during the respective period of service that the payment covers; and allowances (if any) claimed as part of the minimum wage.

Unless the employee is paid on a salary basis and is exempt from overtime compensation as established by local, state, or federal law, such statement must also include the regular hourly rate or rates of pay; the overtime rate or rates of pay; the number of regular hours worked and pay for those hours; and the number of overtime hours worked and pay for those hours.

Note: The employer may provide the itemized wage statement to the employee in electronic form if certain requirements are met.

Access to Personnel Records

  • Generally, within 45 days after receipt of an employee’s request, an employer must provide reasonable opportunity for the employee to inspect (at the place of employment or place of work assignment) his or her personnel records that are used or have been used to determine the employee’s qualification for employment, promotion, additional compensation, employment termination or other disciplinary action, and time and pay records of the employee for the period required by federal law.
  • Within 45 days after receipt of the employee’s request, the employer must furnish a certified copy of the records.

Additional details are available in the text of the law.


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