Law Effective August 1, 2016

A new law in Louisiana requires employers to report certain pending payments when employees owe support. Highlights of the law include the following:

  • When an employer intends to issue a lump-sum payment in the amount of $300 or more to an employee ordered to pay support, the employer must notify the state Department of Children and Family Services (“Department”) at least 15 days prior to its issuance of the lump-sum payment.
    • The law does not prevent an employer from reporting a lower lump-sum payment at its discretion.
  • Notice of the lump-sum payment must be provided in a method approved by the Department. The Department is expected to provide information regarding all approved methods on its website.
  • If—after 15 days from the date the employer notifies the Department—the employer has not received any verification from the Department as to any withholdings of the lump-sum payment, then the employermay dispense the lump-sum payment in full to the employee ordered to pay support.

Note: The rules above apply only when the Department is providingsupport enforcement services.

The law is effective August 1, 2016. Click here to read the text of the law.


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