Did you know? Employers are still legally required to provide all employees, regardless if they report to the main work site or not, information about their rights. We have a solution for you!

We offer electronic posters, and mobile packs.

Our Electronic Posters (E-Posters) are individual representations of all the
State and Federal required notices. It is designed to either be available on a
shared network so employees have access to the notices collectively, or to be
printed out as is for immediate need. It is NOT the PDF file of our actual All
In One Combination Poster. To ensure proper compliance with size requirements,
and to prevent legal action from improper size manipulation, these PDF files are
LOCKED from further editing and formatting. We do offer customization of the electronic posters, as well. 

Our Mobile Poster Pack was especially designed to cater to business units with LIMITED to NO WALL SPACE such as mall kiosks, or as a reference for mobile business units, such as a contractor who works out of his truck. It was intended to be a portable version of our labor law posters, which is ideal for remote employees and mobile units. Because of regulations stating that some federal notices can not be covered and altered, our mobile poster packs DO NOT take the place of physical labor law posters that have to be posted on the wall, in plain sight, accessible to ALL employees at any time. Our mobile poster packs are printed in high-quality 8.5 x 11 format, on glossy lightweight paper, bound and coiled for durability.

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