With the Covid-19 pandemic shifting our work landscapes, many businesses have moved to work-from-home employee environments. One of the frequent questions we get from our customers is asking how to provide digital posters of their employee rights and labor laws. Additionally, which state posters do they need to get for employees that live in a different state? This post covers information on our electronic posters, our electronic poster plan, and how to determine what state they should order.

My employees work from home and don’t come into the office. Do you have an option for digital posters so I can email it to them or upload it on my company intranet?

Yes! All In One Posters offers an option called Electronic Posters. This item can be found by clicking on the top drop-down menu in the picture below on our website:

Or you can order the Electronic Poster Compliance Plan here:

What is the Electronic Poster exactly? Does it fulfill all the requirements for employer compliance?

The Electronic Poster is a locked digital PDF compilation of the state and federal notice postings in a single file with multiple pages. The file is printable on 8.5×11 size paper and some notices like Worker’s Comp and Emergency Phone Numbers or Pay Day notice are able to be filled in by employers with their company information. However, the actual notices are not to be altered or edited.

The Electronic Poster contains the general State and Federal postings that are required for all businesses.

The specific state notices that are included vary state-by-state. To view the list of your specific state contents, you can find them on our “Combination State & Federal Posters” page and click on your state. https://www.allinoneposters.com/Labor-Law-Poster/State-Federal-Combo

Is the electronic poster a digital version of your physical poster?

No. The difference between our electronic poster and our physical poster is that the physical poster measures 24inches by 39inches, whereas the electronic poster is a compilation of the individual state & federal notices that you can print out on regular 8.5×11 paper as needed. You can print the e-posters, fill out information by hand, and scan it.

Example: Our company is headquartered in New York, but we have remote employees located in California and Texas. Which e-posters do I have to get?

You need to get notices for the state that the employee works in. You must still display the posters for on-site workers of the state your worksite is located in, if applicable.

Disclaimer: All In One Poster Company is not an HR Consulting company and the information we provide is based on general business practices and research. We guarantee that our posters are up to date and the posters contain all mandatory postings.

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