The Colorado state minimum wage has increased for 2021. Additionally, a new notice was added to the posters for Healthy Families & Workplaces Act. The Colorado state minimum wage was increased to $12.32 per hour or $9.30 for tipped employees, effective January 1, 2021. It will increase again in 2022. Previously, in 2020, the minimum wage was $12.00 per hour or $8.98 for tipped employees.

Highlighted in pink are the two notices that were changed for 2021.

The first notice is the COMPS Order #37 Poster (Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards). It summarizes the minimum wage, overtime, meal periods, rest periods, exemptions, and information on how to report violations of wage rights for the employees.

The new notice added covers the Healthy Families and Workplaces Act (HFWA), which summarizes Colorado public health laws in the wake of COVID-19. Coverage is for employers with at least 16 employees and notes when employees can use sick leave in a public health emergency, along with other rights that are covered and summarized on the notice. It also covers the Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law (PHEW), for worker rights if they are concerned about workplace health or safety concerns and violations.

You can order the updated 2021 Colorado posters on our website.

For the State & Federal combined poster, you can order a standalone poster here or you can order a compliance plan for cover of 1, 2, or 3 years here.

City of Denver, Colorado

Lastly, if you are located in the city of Denver, Colorado, the city ordinance was updated for 2021. Denver’s new citywide minimum wage has increased to $14.77 per hour or $11.75 per hour for food and beverage workers who receive tips. This ordinance is in effect from January 1, 2021. Previously, the 2020 citywide minimum wage in Denver was $12.85 per hour or $9.83 per hour for tipped workers.

Denver City Ordinance

You can order the updated 2021 Denver city poster on our website here

This poster is a separate poster from the Colorado/Federal combination poster and is not included in the State/Federal compliance plan because it is a city-only poster.

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