All in One Poster Company, also known as AIO, is one of the leading labor law poster company in the country located in Anaheim, California. The main core of our company is to help businesses in the United States stay in compliance by providing the required labor law posting requirements that all companies must have at their workplace in accordance with government-mandated laws.

All in One Poster Company was founded by John L. Smith, who is the CEO and President of the company. John was a former OSHA consultant who fought for company rights and had a 95% success rate. He and his wife, Michelle Smith, run All in One Poster Company. AIO is a small company that employs a multicultural group of exceptional individuals who represent the very essence of diversity. The multicultural group of employees include Asians, Hispanics, and European and Native-American descent.

The company prides itself with the amount of work that goes out into every poster created and sold. From research, to graphics, to order-taking, to printing out of the posters, and to processing and shipping out of orders, everything is proudly done in house. In our 19 years of business, All in One Poster Company has always been at the top when it comes to providing accuracy on labor law posters and excellence when it comes to customer service.

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