While January is the most common time for minimum wage increases in local and state ordinances to be released, many wage rates are scheduled to increase on July 1st as well. Below listed are the current state and local ordinances that will take effect starting July 1, 2021.

JurisdictionMinimum Wage Rate (PER HOUR)
District of Columbia$15.20
Nevada$9.75 (no health benefits); $8.75 (with health benefits)
Oregon$12, $12.75, or $14 depending on employer’s location
Berkeley, CA$16.32
Chicago, IL$14 (4-20 employees), $15 (21 or more employees)
Emeryville, CA$17.13
Fremont, CA$15 (<25 employees); $15.25 (>26 employees)
Los Angeles, CA$15
Malibu, CA$15
Milpitas, CA$15.65
Minneapolis, MN$12.50 (<100 employees); $14.25 (>100 employees)
Montgomery County, MD$13.50 (<10 employees), $14 (11-50 employees), $15 (>51 employees)
Pasadena, CA$15
Saint Paul, MN$10 (1-5 employees), $11 (6-100 employees) $12.50 (>101 employees)
San Francisco, CA$16.32
Santa Monica, CA$15
*Not a comprehensive list; check your local laws to confirm.

If you are an employer located in one of these cities or states, you are required to post updated notices with the new minimum wage rates according to State and Federal law. There may also be additional notice requirements based on your industry.

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