Nevada’s state posting for the notice titled “Rules To Be Observed by Employers” has been updated in June 2021. This is a mandatory update for all businesses in Nevada to post.

The notice summarizes Nevada’s wage and hour laws. Specifically, the law states that beginning July 1st, 2021, the new minimum wage rate will increase to $8.75 per hour if the employer offers qualified health benefits, or $9.75 per hour if they do not offer qualified health benefits. Additionally, the notice also adds web URLs for accessing the Annual Minimum Wage notice:

The notice also has new rules added that covers paid sick leave for COVID-19 or general treatment for seeking medical care. Employers are to provide 2 to 4 hours of paid leave to obtain a vaccination for COVID-19. An employer should allow an employee to use paid leave for any use, including, without limitation:

  1. Treatment of a mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition.
  2. Receiving a medical diagnosis or medical care.
  3. Receiving or participating in preventative care.
  4. Participating in caregiving; or
  5. Addressing other personal needs related to the health of the employee.

  • (See Senate Bill 209 – 2021 Legislative Session)
  • This change is made alongside the previous update from May 2021 for the Nevada minimum wage rate increase. Moving forward, all our Nevada posters will be printed with this update.

    If you need to order the Nevada poster with the latest updates and revisions, you can find them on our website

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