Did you know we have a section on our website for safety posters?

While some of these postings are not required under federal law, it is recommended to have them for your business, depending on the industry you are in.

Below listed are some of our best-selling safety posters.

No Smokinghttps://www.allinoneposters.com/search?keywords=no%20smoking
First Aid, Choking, CPRhttps://www.allinoneposters.com/First-Aid-Choking-CPR
Food Allergyhttps://www.allinoneposters.com/Food-Allergy
Patient’s Bill of Rightshttps://www.allinoneposters.com/Patients-Bill-of-Rights-Responsibilities
Code of Safe Practiceshttps://www.allinoneposters.com/search?show=48&keywords=code%20of%20safe%20practices
Safe Lifting Practiceshttps://www.allinoneposters.com/search?show=48&keywords=safe%20lifting
Slips, Trips, and Fallshttps://www.allinoneposters.com/search?show=48&keywords=slips%20trips%20falls
Heat Illness Prevention https://www.allinoneposters.com/search?show=48&keywords=heat%20illness

You can click the links above to order from our website. These posters are optional to post.

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