The state of Florida requires healthcare providers licensed by professional Boards to post a sign regarding human trafficking that employees can easily access. This was implemented on January 1, 2021.

The sign must be at least 11×15 inches, and the font printed must be at least 32-point type. It must also be posted in English and Spanish, and contain statutorily required language (enacted by law).

Due to the font requirement, 32-point type is text that is roughly 1/4’’ size. Above is a picture for reference, comparing the typical 12-point type to 32-point type. This font requirement has forced us to revise our typical 11×17 inch standard-size poster to adjust it for a larger size, in order to print the full statutory text, and also include both English and Spanish on the poster. Our poster is 18×24 inches for Florida Human Trafficking and satisfies the requirements set by the state of Florida. It is available in a matte or laminated option and starts at $12.65 per poster.

You can purchase the Florida Human Trafficking poster on our website,

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