Be aware of scam mailers disguised as “compliance notices” sent out to businesses to solicit sales. As a small business, we receive mailers about compliance documents, even though we are the ones who sell labor law posters here at All In One Poster Company. Recently we received a notice that looks like this:

This letter is sent by a company called Corporate Compliance Center that is NOT endorsed by the government.

It is easy to mistake these notices as official letters. Read letters like these very closely. The letters say things like “Return by (date) to allow adequate processing time for your documents.” and “California Law Annual Minutes Requirements… you will receive your certificate of minutes within 3 weeks of sending your form.”

Letters like these try to invoke legal business code as a scare tactic.

With access to the internet, it is easy to look up what that California Code is supposed to be. It really has nothing to do with compliance, and is simply about a written record of a meeting internally within the company. If you’ll notice, at the very bottom it even states a disclaimer that they are not approved or endorsed by any governmental agency. Read the disclaimers in the letter very carefully. “This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency” is highlighted in yellow.

What should I do with these letters or mailers?

Feel free to recycle or shred these, since these mailers are not government official letters, and the company is not government-affiliated.

Know that All In One Poster Company does NOT send out mailers like these.

Our sales are done via website, phone, or e-mail. We do not cold-call or solicit sales from customers or potential clients.

I’m a new business or I don’t have any employees; do I still need to get these labor law posters?

If you do not have any employees, you do not need to post these. If you have at least 1 employee, you need to post these. You may also need to get Spanish posters if you have employees that only understand Spanish and cannot read English.

You can also read our previous post on this topic here:

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