Effective January 1, 2022, there are various city ordinances that will take effect with new rates for their city’s minimum wage. These apply to businesses with employees located in that city, and are higher rates than the federal and state’s minimum wages. For brevity’s sake, we will only be listing the rate for non-tipped employees.

Local Minimum Wage Hourly Rates

City & StateNew 2022 Hourly RateOld 2021 Hourly Rate
Albuquerque, NMTBD$10.50
Belmont, CATBD$15.90
Broward County, FLTBD$13.61 with health benefits
$17.05 no health benefits
Cupertino, CA$16.40$15.65
Daly City, CA$15.53$15.00
Denver, COTBD$14.77
El Cerrito, CA$16.37$15.61
Flagstaff, AZ$15.50$15.00
Hayward, CA$14.52 (1-25 employees)
$15.56 (26+ employees)
$14.00 (1-25 employees)
$15.00 (26+ employees)
Las Cruces, NM$11.50$10.50
Los Altos, CA$16.40$15.65
Menlo Park, CATBD$15.25
Mountain View, CA$17.10$16.30
Novato, CA$15.00 (1-25 employees)
$15.53 (26-99 employees)
$15.77 (100+ employees)
$14.00 (1-25 employees)
$15.00 (26-99 employees)
$15.24 (100+ employees)
Oakland, CA$15.06$14.36
Palo Alto, CA$16.45$15.65
Petaluma, CA$15.85$15.20
Portland, ME$13.00$12.15
Redwood City, CA$16.20$15.62
Richmond, CA$15.54$15.21
San Carlos, CA$15.77$15.24
San Diego, CA$15.00$14.00
San Mateo, CA$16.20$15.62
Santa Clara, CA$16.40$15.65
Santa Rosa, CA$15.85$15.20
Seattle, WA$15.75 (with health benefits)
$17.27 (no health benefits)
$15.00 (with health benefits)
$16.69 (no health benefits)
Sonoma, CA$15.00 (1-25 employees)
$16.00 (26+ employees)
$14.00 (1-25 employees)
$15.00 (26+ employees)
South San Francisco, CA$15.55$15.25
Sunnyvale, CA$17.10$16.30
Tipped employees may have a separate rate not listed above.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive and is only a guide. Please check your own local ordinances in case your city is not listed here.

You can purchase the city posters we offer via this link: https://www.allinoneposters.com/Labor-Law-Poster/Additional-Required-Notices/City-Notices

Last updated: November 12, 2021

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