If you purchase a labor law poster from All In One Poster Company, we guarantee that you will receive a poster that is always up to date with the latest revisions.

Purchasing posters randomly, from generalized websites without doing research into the companies selling those posters, can be a huge risk to you as a consumer and a business. Labor law posters are a requirement for a business to be in compliance, and some mandatory government notices are updated frequently. For example, the state minimum wage can change annually and has to be updated.

To verify that you are receiving the most updated poster, our website has 2 webpages for all the recent poster updates, sorted by state.

You can access the one for 2022 poster updates via this URL: https://www.allinoneposters.com/2022-anticipated-labor-law-poster-update

It lists the state, which notice was updated, the effective date, and if applicable, the previous rate vs. the new rate (for minimum wage). If your state had no changes to their labor law poster effective in 2022, it will not be listed on that page.

We have an additional page for general poster updates. This one is different from the 2022 updates since it lists older updates, not just the 2022 recent ones. This page will have every state listed, along with the federal updates.

You can access the page for all poster updates via this URL: https://www.allinoneposters.com/poster-update-sign-up

 For some states, you can see that there has been no update for a few years. For example, the last update New Hampshire had was in 2019.

If you know of a specific state-released official notice update, you can compare it with the notice on our poster. Often, state-released updates will have a date at the bottom of the notice. All In One Poster Company also puts the date that the poster was printed at the bottom left corner of each poster.

All In One Poster Company also does not sell any outdated posters. When there is a mandatory state update, we dispose of all previously printed posters in our warehouse and only sell the posters with the latest updates.

We are aware that some companies may still sell outdated posters. All In One Poster Company is not one of them – we take the responsibility of removing all the old posters from our shelves. Due to the nature of the labor law business, it is a loss that we shoulder in order to provide our customers with the most accurate posters in the event a business gets audited.

We provide these tools and encourage all customers to do additional research on their local and state ordinances in order to stay in compliance.

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