Virginia Update July 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, covered Virginia employers with more than 5 employees for a 20-week period in the current/preceding year must now post a notice regarding reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. This is a new notice that will be added in addition to the other required state postings.

This is a mandatory update to the Virginia labor laws and employers must have up-to-date postings to stay in compliance or else risk getting fined during audits. Moving forward, all posters ordered from us will have this new updated posting included on our Virginia posters.

The Virginia state posters have been updated earlier this year, with the Virginia minimum wage posting effective May 1, 2021. We covered the information on the previous 2021 update HERE.

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Florida Human Trafficking Poster

The state of Florida requires healthcare providers licensed by professional Boards to post a sign regarding human trafficking that employees can easily access. This was implemented on January 1, 2021.

The sign must be at least 11×15 inches, and the font printed must be at least 32-point type. It must also be posted in English and Spanish, and contain statutorily required language (enacted by law).

Due to the font requirement, 32-point type is text that is roughly 1/4’’ size. Above is a picture for reference, comparing the typical 12-point type to 32-point type. This font requirement has forced us to revise our typical 11×17 inch standard-size poster to adjust it for a larger size, in order to print the full statutory text, and also include both English and Spanish on the poster. Our poster is 18×24 inches for Florida Human Trafficking and satisfies the requirements set by the state of Florida. It is available in a matte or laminated option and starts at $12.65 per poster.

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Best-selling Safety Posters

Did you know we have a section on our website for safety posters?

While some of these postings are not required under federal law, it is recommended to have them for your business, depending on the industry you are in.

Below listed are some of our best-selling safety posters.

No Smoking
First Aid, Choking, CPR
Food Allergy
Patient’s Bill of Rights
Code of Safe Practices
Safe Lifting Practices
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Heat Illness Prevention

You can click the links above to order from our website. These posters are optional to post.

Nevada Update June 2021

Nevada’s state posting for the notice titled “Rules To Be Observed by Employers” has been updated in June 2021. This is a mandatory update for all businesses in Nevada to post.

The notice summarizes Nevada’s wage and hour laws. Specifically, the law states that beginning July 1st, 2021, the new minimum wage rate will increase to $8.75 per hour if the employer offers qualified health benefits, or $9.75 per hour if they do not offer qualified health benefits. Additionally, the notice also adds web URLs for accessing the Annual Minimum Wage notice:

The notice also has new rules added that covers paid sick leave for COVID-19 or general treatment for seeking medical care. Employers are to provide 2 to 4 hours of paid leave to obtain a vaccination for COVID-19. An employer should allow an employee to use paid leave for any use, including, without limitation:

  1. Treatment of a mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition.
  2. Receiving a medical diagnosis or medical care.
  3. Receiving or participating in preventative care.
  4. Participating in caregiving; or
  5. Addressing other personal needs related to the health of the employee.

  • (See Senate Bill 209 – 2021 Legislative Session)
  • This change is made alongside the previous update from May 2021 for the Nevada minimum wage rate increase. Moving forward, all our Nevada posters will be printed with this update.

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    Penalty Fines increased for Violation of Notice Posting Requirements for 2021

    Employers are required by federal law to post up-to-date labor law posters in the workplace for their employees that are easily accessible to view. These posters inform employees of their rights, including notices for paid sick leave, job safety, and anti-discrimination laws.

    The Federal Register published the increased penalty rate on May 26, 2021 for violating anti-discrimination posting requirements. The new penalty is now set at a rate of $576. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) adjusts the posting fine each year, as does the Department of Labor (DOL) to increase the posting penalties.

    Below listed are the required notices that will incur a penalty fine if they are not posted in a prominent place for employees to read:

    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) $178
    • Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law (OSHA) $13,653
    • Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) $21,663
    • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (EEO) $576

    These notices are included on all of our combination (state/federal) posters.

    The Federal Register government document for the above information can be found here:

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    Minimum Wage Increases for July 1, 2021

    While January is the most common time for minimum wage increases in local and state ordinances to be released, many wage rates are scheduled to increase on July 1st as well. Below listed are the current state and local ordinances that will take effect starting July 1, 2021.

    JurisdictionMinimum Wage Rate (PER HOUR)
    District of Columbia$15.20
    Nevada$9.75 (no health benefits); $8.75 (with health benefits)
    Oregon$12, $12.75, or $14 depending on employer’s location
    Berkeley, CA$16.32
    Chicago, IL$14 (4-20 employees), $15 (21 or more employees)
    Emeryville, CA$17.13
    Fremont, CA$15 (<25 employees); $15.25 (>26 employees)
    Los Angeles, CA$15
    Malibu, CA$15
    Milpitas, CA$15.65
    Minneapolis, MN$12.50 (<100 employees); $14.25 (>100 employees)
    Montgomery County, MD$13.50 (<10 employees), $14 (11-50 employees), $15 (>51 employees)
    Pasadena, CA$15
    Saint Paul, MN$10 (1-5 employees), $11 (6-100 employees) $12.50 (>101 employees)
    San Francisco, CA$16.32
    Santa Monica, CA$15
    *Not a comprehensive list; check your local laws to confirm.

    If you are an employer located in one of these cities or states, you are required to post updated notices with the new minimum wage rates according to State and Federal law. There may also be additional notice requirements based on your industry.

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    Ohio Update June 2021

    Ohio has a mandatory update for the Fair Employment Act notice, effective June 2021.

    The Fair Employment Act notice, which prohibits discrimination in employment, recently amended to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in unlawful discriminatory employment practices. The law describes it as follows:

    The U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Bostock v. Clayton Cty., Georgia. U.S. 140 S. Ct. 1731 (2020), as well as other federal court cases, have extended sex discrimination to include prohibition of employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Ohio Civil Rights Act, Publication Date April 2021

    All Ohio employers should have their labor law posters updated accordingly. Additionally, back in January 2021, the Ohio state minimum wage was updated. So if the current posters you have are not current with 2021, we strongly advise you to stay in compliance. Moving forward, all our Ohio posters will be printed with this update.

    If you need to order the Ohio poster with the latest updates and revisions, you can find them on our website

    Heat Illness Prevention

    In California, employers must have a heat illness prevention program for outdoor workers.

    Now that June has arrived, the official summer season has begun. If you are an employer with outdoor workers, such as those in the agricultural, construction, and landscaping industry, you must have a training and prevention plan to combat heat illness.

    • Water
    • Rest
    • Shade

    The training must include how to recognize signs and symptoms of heat illness, as well as procedures to respond to possible heat illness.

    We sell an informational safety poster you can post in the workplace to provide your employees information on prevention heat illness on our website,