How To Stay In Compliance With Employment Labor Laws For Your Business

Employment labor laws – such as minimum wage, discrimination, unemployment, sick leave, and so on – are constantly updated and vary in different states and jurisdictions. It is an intensive process to make sure your business stays in compliance with all these changing laws – some of which you may not even be aware of!

Did You know?

While the federal minimum wage has not been increased since 2009, state minimum wages, which are often higher, sometimes increase annually! So that labor law poster that’s been hanging up on the wall since 2018 may be outdated, and your employees are legally entitled to being informed of their worker rights.

Below are some ways your business can stay in compliance with the employment labor laws:

  • Hire a labor law expert. Having an expert on staff who answers questions about the complex labor laws that apply in the workplace and can specifically work out issues for your company and industry can help alleviate stress to running a business.
  • Delegate an employee to monitor labor law updates. This can be especially helpful for businesses that employ workers in different states and locations. As mentioned before, states and jurisdictions may vary in which laws are updated and constantly changing. Having a person assigned this duty specifically so that mandatory updates are not overlooked is important to staying in compliance.
  • Set up a labor law poster subscription. Related to the previous point, perhaps the employee assigned the duty is not necessarily an expert in labor law. The solution may be to outsource it, and that employee can simply be in charge of being the person to set up a labor law subscription for the company. All In One Poster Company offers compliance plans for 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year subscriptions – and we will send you new labor law posters for each mandatory update. You can find all the options for compliance plans we offer here:
  • Find and partner with an Employer of Record (EOR). An EOR is an organization that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different company. The EOR handles functions such as processing payroll, filing taxes, handling unemployment, workers’ compensation, new hire onboarding, issuing W-2 forms, and more.
  • Provide training and resources to the HR team. The HR team should be up-to-date on legal updates and research changes to ensure compliance for labor laws, and managers should receive communication and the option to take additional courses that focus on updated laws. Membership to an HR organization or association, along with staying up-to-date on the U.S. Department of Labor websites and reading, can help supplement the HR team’s knowledge on labor laws.

Lastly, if you have ordered labor law posters from All In One Poster Company, and have questions about whether or not the poster you currently have is still in compliance, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide the information via telephone or e-mail.

(We apologize as we can only speak for our own labor law posters that are printed by our company, and cannot be sure if posters purchased from a different company are accurate or up-to-date. All In One Poster Company is not affiliated or partnered with any other labor law company.)

Earthquake Preparedness

If you live in a state that experiences frequent earthquakes, it is important to protect workers from injury in the case of an earthquake.


  • Drop
  • Cover
  • Hold On

Employers can prepare their workplaces before an earthquake occurs through training, earthquake drills, and information. Everyone in the workplace should know what to do if an earthquake happens, and helps reduce fear and anxiety in the event it occurs. Employers should identify potential hazards to workers.

We sell an informational safety poster you can post in the workplace to provide your employees information on earthquake preparedness on our website,

Labor Law Poster Sizing Requirements

Labor Law notices have certain sizing requirements to stay in compliance with mandated government laws.

Font sizing requirements

Labor law notices are required to have a font point of at least 10 point font in order to be legible for employees to read the notices with ease.

Notice sizing requirements

Certain notices have a minimum size requirement for being posted, which varies from state to state based on the individual notice. Most notably, the Federal OSHA notice is required to be at least 8.5in wide and 14in tall.

  • All In One Poster Company’s standard poster size for State & Federal Combination posters is 27inches wide by 39 inches tall.
  • The Nevada poster is even longer than our standard poster: 27inches wide by 42 inches tall (additional 3 inches). This is because Nevada has so many required labor law postings. In October 2021, the state released 2 additional notices to be posted (Assembly Law 307 and Assembly Law 190), which we have since included on our Nevada posters.
  • For Federal Contractors, the poster for only federal notices is 27inches wide by 45inches tall in size. The reason this poster is so big is because not only does the OSHA posting have the size requirement (8.5 x 14), but the National Labor Relations Act has a size requirement of 11×17. It also has more required notices since it is for government contractors, so it includes special notices such as Federal Contractor minimum wage and paid sick leave.

Stay aware of varying poster sizes when buying labor law posters from different companies. There are many companies out there who will try to compromise compliance and accuracy of required notices by shirking the size requirements or even omitting required notices. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also companies that try to up-sell posters in excess in order to make more money, even if the posters contain notices that are not required for your business. It is always important to do research on who and what you are purchasing from, to avoid getting scammed, being over-charged, or otherwise.

All In One Poster Guarantee

If you purchase a labor law poster from All In One Poster Company, we guarantee that you will receive a poster that is always up to date with the latest revisions.

Purchasing posters randomly, from generalized websites without doing research into the companies selling those posters, can be a huge risk to you as a consumer and a business. Labor law posters are a requirement for a business to be in compliance, and some mandatory government notices are updated frequently. For example, the state minimum wage can change annually and has to be updated.

To verify that you are receiving the most updated poster, our website has 2 webpages for all the recent poster updates, sorted by state.

You can access the one for 2022 poster updates via this URL:

It lists the state, which notice was updated, the effective date, and if applicable, the previous rate vs. the new rate (for minimum wage). If your state had no changes to their labor law poster effective in 2022, it will not be listed on that page.

We have an additional page for general poster updates. This one is different from the 2022 updates since it lists older updates, not just the 2022 recent ones. This page will have every state listed, along with the federal updates.

You can access the page for all poster updates via this URL:

 For some states, you can see that there has been no update for a few years. For example, the last update New Hampshire had was in 2019.

If you know of a specific state-released official notice update, you can compare it with the notice on our poster. Often, state-released updates will have a date at the bottom of the notice. All In One Poster Company also puts the date that the poster was printed at the bottom left corner of each poster.

All In One Poster Company also does not sell any outdated posters. When there is a mandatory state update, we dispose of all previously printed posters in our warehouse and only sell the posters with the latest updates.

We are aware that some companies may still sell outdated posters. All In One Poster Company is not one of them – we take the responsibility of removing all the old posters from our shelves. Due to the nature of the labor law business, it is a loss that we shoulder in order to provide our customers with the most accurate posters in the event a business gets audited.

We provide these tools and encourage all customers to do additional research on their local and state ordinances in order to stay in compliance.

Pre-order 2022 Posters & Stay Alert

Now that it is December, we would like to remind our readers that our labor law posters for 2022 are available for pre-order.

We would also like to warn everyone to be very careful at this time of year, where there are a multitude of labor law poster companies who may pose as if they are affiliated with All In One Poster Company to try to solicit sales.

  • All In One Poster Company is not affiliated with any other labor law poster company. We are an independent company.
  • We have been in business for 20 years, established in 2002.
  • HR360 has voted our labor law posters as one of the best and most accurate labor law posters in comparison against the competition.
  • Our office, located in Anaheim California, is our on-site location where we process orders, print posters, and ship all orders. This office is located in a business complex. We are also licensed and incorporated.

Be vigilant against companies that also offer labor law posters. While a flashy website might lead potential customers into believing the business is well-established, further research on the company’s origins such as established date, company headquarter location, and the accuracy of their posters may come into question. With All In One Poster Company, our labor law posters are guaranteed to be the most up-to-date and accurate versions of the state-released government notices.

Scam Awareness “Employment Compliance Assistance”

Recently we received a notice that looks like this:

This letter is sent by a company called Employment Compliance Assistance that is NOT endorsed by the government.
It is easy to mistake these notices as official government agency letters. If you google “Employment Compliance Assistance,” you might get a result that directs you to the official Department of Labor website:
However, the business Employment Compliance Assistance is NOT government affiliated.

These scam companies target newly formed businesses as a scare tactic.

Here are some details from their mailer to note: 

  • “Non-governmental Compliance Agency” is labeled on the return envelope enclosed.
  • In fine print, on the front of the notice: “Employment Compliance Assistance is a non-government publisher of copyrighted compliance poster compilations that are intended to help employers meet their legal obligations […].”
  • In fine print, on the back of the notice (in gray text): “ALL SALES ARE FINAL – NO REFUNDS.”
  • Disclaimers: Employment Compliance Assistance is a private, non-governmental business providing labor posters and poster monitoring services to corporations’ large and small as well as to private individuals. Employment Compliance Assistance and its monitoring service is neither a legal requirement, nor a mandatory service. THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, AND THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING MADE BY AN AGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT. […] THIS IS NOT A BILL, THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED ABOVE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER.
  • WARRANTIES / LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: […] “While reasonable steps are taken to assure that the information provided by Employment Compliance Assistance is accurate and complete, you agree that Employment Compliance Assistance shall have NO LIABILITY, beyond the fees paid by you for the service, for any damages suffered by you.”

To summarize, the legal terms basically state that it is NOT an official government agency, all sales are final (no refunds), and that the letter is confirmed to be a solicitation (so they are attempting to get sales for their business). They also hold no legal responsibility if you are fined by government entities for not having all the required postings for your business. BE CAREFUL!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I do with these letters or mailers?
  • Feel free to recycle or shred these, since these mailers are not government official letters, and the company is not government-affiliated.
  • Know that All In One Poster Company does NOT send out mailers like these.
  • Our sales are done via website, phone, or e-mail. We do not cold-call or solicit sales from customers or potential clients.

As a last note, $372.00 is a hefty price to pay for compliance posters. We offer our own All In One labor law poster as a combination Federal and State poster starting at $21.95 for a standalone or we also offer the equivalent 2 year subscription plan for $84.95 (you receive a brand new poster if there are mandatory changes and coverage lasts for 2 years from plan purchase).

You can also read our previous posts on this topic here:

Pre-order your 2022 posters

Our 2022 posters will now be available for PRE-ORDER starting on November 1. You can place orders on our website,

However, the 2022 posters will not be shipping until January. We are required to wait until the state governments officially release and publish changes to labor law notices for January 1, 2022.

If you urgently need posters and cannot wait until January, please let us know when you place your order. You can contact us via phone (714) 521-7720 or via email with your order number.

Check your state’s labor law updates via our website

Did you know? Our website has a page to help customers see the most recent labor law updates by state/jurisdiction, sorted by year & which notice was updated.

How to find the page:

  • Go to our website,
  • At the top navigation menu, hover over “UPDATES”
  • The drop down menu will open up more options: select “POSTER UPDATES”

Now you can see the different labor law updates, sorted alphabetically by state, which states the history of recent updates by month/year and which notice was updated.

Compliance Mailer Scam Awareness

Be aware of scam mailers disguised as “compliance notices” sent out to businesses to solicit sales. As a small business, we receive mailers about compliance documents, even though we are the ones who sell labor law posters here at All In One Poster Company. Recently we received a notice that looks like this:

This letter is sent by a company called Corporate Compliance Center that is NOT endorsed by the government.

It is easy to mistake these notices as official letters. Read letters like these very closely. The letters say things like “Return by (date) to allow adequate processing time for your documents.” and “California Law Annual Minutes Requirements… you will receive your certificate of minutes within 3 weeks of sending your form.”

Letters like these try to invoke legal business code as a scare tactic.

With access to the internet, it is easy to look up what that California Code is supposed to be. It really has nothing to do with compliance, and is simply about a written record of a meeting internally within the company. If you’ll notice, at the very bottom it even states a disclaimer that they are not approved or endorsed by any governmental agency. Read the disclaimers in the letter very carefully. “This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency” is highlighted in yellow.

What should I do with these letters or mailers?

Feel free to recycle or shred these, since these mailers are not government official letters, and the company is not government-affiliated.

Know that All In One Poster Company does NOT send out mailers like these.

Our sales are done via website, phone, or e-mail. We do not cold-call or solicit sales from customers or potential clients.

I’m a new business or I don’t have any employees; do I still need to get these labor law posters?

If you do not have any employees, you do not need to post these. If you have at least 1 employee, you need to post these. You may also need to get Spanish posters if you have employees that only understand Spanish and cannot read English.

You can also read our previous post on this topic here:

Best-selling Safety Posters

Did you know we have a section on our website for safety posters?

While some of these postings are not required under federal law, it is recommended to have them for your business, depending on the industry you are in.

Below listed are some of our best-selling safety posters.

No Smoking
First Aid, Choking, CPR
Food Allergy
Patient’s Bill of Rights
Code of Safe Practices
Safe Lifting Practices
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Heat Illness Prevention

You can click the links above to order from our website. These posters are optional to post.