Texas Concealed and Open Carry Restriction Posters


Beginning in 2016, Texas will allow the open carrying of handguns in TX Concealed Carry Restriction Poster.gifpublic and the carrying of concealed handguns signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

As part of their efforts to prevent violence in the workplace, many employers prohibit guns on their premises. Such policies are lawful under the new open carry law, and Texas law already requires business owners that want to keep guns from their property to notify the public “orally or by written communication” that guns are prohibited on their property.

Certain locations will remain gun-free as a result of provisions in the TX Open Carry Restriction Poster.giflaw, which was signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott: firearms are not permitted to be carried in churches, jails, hospitals, and establishments where alcohol comprises the majority of revenue.

To prohibit concealed handguns in your business, you must post signs in an obvious manner, clearly visible to the public. Gun holders who ignore those signs risk violating state trespassing laws and would face penalties and fines.