The Nevada labor law postings have some updates to OSHA and Worker’s Compensation since 2020.

Graphic indicating two notices on the All In One Nevada & Federal combination poster highlighted in yellow, with yellow arrows pointing at each one. The first arrow is labeled NV OSHA Notice and the second arrow is labeled NV Workers’ Compensation Notice. Text at bottom says “Two notices that have been updated on our All In One Nevada labor law posters since February 2021.”

The Nevada notice for “Safety and Health Protection on the Job,” (Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Act) which details requirements for employers and employees to follow safe working conditions, also states what happens if the employer violates these conditions. For the update that was released in January 2021, the proposed penalty is now $13,653 against employers who fail to correct OSHA safety violations in their workplaces. This is an increase from the 2020 notice; last year the proposed penalty was set at $13,494 against employers.

Also worth noting is that the Nevada Workers’ Compensation notice was updated in late October 2020. The previous Workers’ Comp notice was last changed in 2007. On the 2020 version, there is now a section defining employers, employees, and independent contractors and the differences between each classification. Additionally, the contact information for the State of Nevada Office for Consumer Health Assistance was changed. The address is now 3320 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102. The website was updated to instead as well.

Lastly, we are expecting an update to Nevada’s minimum wage in July 2021. The state has not officially released the notice yet. If you need to update your Nevada posters from last year, you can purchase a standalone poster on our website here OR you can get a compliance plan which will cover you for at least 1 year (depending on how long you want the coverage for), so in the case of Nevada’s upcoming minimum wage change, you would not need to purchase another poster; we would send it to you automatically. You can also get an electronic poster for remote employees.

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