Beware of Scam Targeting Small Businesses through Mailers and “Inspectors”

Inspector and Mailer Heading PhotoAll in One Poster Company, Inc would like to warn its customers as well as other small business owners to avoid mass mailer scams informing them that their labor law posters are outdated while pressuring them to purchase an overpriced product for their employee and business.

These mailers are false, misleading, deceptive and even threatening. As a part of this scam, business owners are demanded to pay varying amounts that range from $65 to $285 or face fines up to $17,000.

One mailer is marked with the company name “Corporate Compliance Services” and labeled “Labor Law Compliance Request Form.” Several businesses who receive these notices are just starting up and have yet to have any employees, and therefore are not required to post such information. Even when posting is required, the individual notices are provided at no charge by the U.S. Department of Labor as well as various agencies within your state’s labor department.Corporate Compliance Services Mailer

Another mailer comes from a “PCI – Customer Compliance Department” and is marked “Compliance Update 2016 (or current year) – URGENT”. Inside this mailer, an imposing phrase in bold letters says, “SUSPENSION OF COVERAGE” greets the unsuspecting reader. In a different strategy, this mailer actually offers similar posters at a much lower price of $10 for a non-laminated version and an extra $9.95 for lamination. Given that this mailer might get a much larger response due to pricing, the company comes back at the unsuspecting customer with an invoice that is well over $100, adding posters that they claim are also required. This company also makes constant phone calls to companies, whose information they most likely obtained through purchasing leads from the state. Please note that although this company uses “AIO Acquisition, Inc” as one of its several names, and calls its products as “Space Saver All-On-One Poster”, it is in no way affiliated with All In One Poster Company, Inc.Personnel Concepts Mailer2

Lastly, All in One Posters would like to warn against people posing as agents or “inspectors” who visit small businesses and threaten unknowing owners with fines and citations due to missing labor law posters, which they just so happen to be selling! Even if they show you a fake ID or citation sheet claiming they represent the “compliance department”, remember that real government inspectors DO NOT SELL POSTERS! Do not be fooled. Again, sole proprietors and business owners who have no employees, are not required to post labor law posters.

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Fake Inspectors2


74 thoughts on “Beware of Scam Targeting Small Businesses through Mailers and “Inspectors”

  1. Thank you for posting this!!

    Why don’t these types of business get arrested and shut down. It’s hard enough for a business to operate. In Real estate we have all types of laws governing what we can advertise – this should be no different.


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I was really worried and have been trying to call the customer service line but it has been impossible to speak to anyone directly. Very shady!


    • You’d be surprised how many have fallen for these. There is also a new one relating to a request to submit an updated “minutes” and list of officers for “filing” and asks that you mail in a filing fee of $150 along with it. We posted about it on our Facebook and Instagram recently.


  3. I just received one of this fake letter from Corporate Compliance Services, and I’m so glad I check out this website. I knew that there is something fishy about this letter so I tried calling the number and hoping that I could speak with a someone and so I can check the legitimacy of it. Unfortunately that number I called did not gave me an option to talk to a live representative to challenge them it was all automated. I will share this fake letter that I received to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Veterans Business Outreach Center [(VBOC) I’m a veteran just FYI]. I want the small business owners to be aware of this scam and hopefully that the local officials and/or the government shut this criminals for good. Thank you for sharing this information to the public.


    • Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We’re glad this article has reached over 30,000 readers. We sent this information to the US Postal Service Inspector General as well. And lastly, we salute you for your service to our country.


  4. I just got one of these posters from Poster Compliance Center in Colorado. My business has 0 employees so seeing the poster made me laugh . I want to make sure people are aware of this scam but I see that you have already done so. Thanks!


  5. We changed to an LLC and immediately got a notice that was titled ‘Poster Compliance Service’ and “Labor Law Compliance Notice’ telling us that we’d be fined if we didn’t send $84. for their posters. I googled the taglines along with the word “scam” and ended up here. I then googled free posters on my state’s website and downloaded them. FOR FREE.
    I wanted to mention that not only was there no website listed on this document, but no phone number, and when I sent an email it bounced back.

    Thank you for your article! It really helped our business.


  6. This notice looked official and was extremely ominous sounding. However, I knew something was fishy when our business name didnt have LLC at the end of it. All the government (US, state, and city& county) agencies have the LLC at the end of our name so i dont think the agencies sold the information. They got our info from somewhee else.


  7. Wow, THANK YOU for posting this! I just received the “Labor Law Compliance Request Form” and was stressed out by having to jump through another bureaucratic hoop. I figured I’d google it first since I hadn’t seen this requirement on any of the checklists for starting my business. Thanks for helping this first-time business owner not get scammed!


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