Labor Law notices have certain sizing requirements to stay in compliance with mandated government laws.

Font sizing requirements

Labor law notices are required to have a font point of at least 10 point font in order to be legible for employees to read the notices with ease.

Notice sizing requirements

Certain notices have a minimum size requirement for being posted, which varies from state to state based on the individual notice. Most notably, the Federal OSHA notice is required to be at least 8.5in wide and 14in tall.

  • All In One Poster Company’s standard poster size for State & Federal Combination posters is 27inches wide by 39 inches tall.
  • The Nevada poster is even longer than our standard poster: 27inches wide by 42 inches tall (additional 3 inches). This is because Nevada has so many required labor law postings. In October 2021, the state released 2 additional notices to be posted (Assembly Law 307 and Assembly Law 190), which we have since included on our Nevada posters.
  • For Federal Contractors, the poster for only federal notices is 27inches wide by 45inches tall in size. The reason this poster is so big is because not only does the OSHA posting have the size requirement (8.5 x 14), but the National Labor Relations Act has a size requirement of 11×17. It also has more required notices since it is for government contractors, so it includes special notices such as Federal Contractor minimum wage and paid sick leave.

Stay aware of varying poster sizes when buying labor law posters from different companies. There are many companies out there who will try to compromise compliance and accuracy of required notices by shirking the size requirements or even omitting required notices. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also companies that try to up-sell posters in excess in order to make more money, even if the posters contain notices that are not required for your business. It is always important to do research on who and what you are purchasing from, to avoid getting scammed, being over-charged, or otherwise.

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